Donnie is a CCIM and president of Coldwell Banker Commercial Realty Group, providing retail, industrial, office, development land and other commercial real estate services to clients in Paducah and Western Kentucky.
Investing IRA's in real estate has been allowable since the day the IRS code was first written, yet less that 1% of the $3 Trillion in IRA's has been invested in this stable hi-yield area. Why? Lack of knowledge about how to do it, and the inability to do it safely and easily.
Teens who are suffering from depression, or just have questions they are afraid ask anyone else, often can find help from other anonymous teens. “Ask Donnie” is another anonymous tool you can use.
As a trained facilitator and member of the TIR Association, Donnie is able to help with the repressed emotions that affect your life when triggered, and cause unexplained drives that affect actions and emotions.
Join others who are losing weight by reprogramming their minds, as Donnie puts it, “from being a fat guy to being thin guy.” Read Donnie’s book pre-publication, and lose weight permanently. Stop the losing weight gaining weight cycle.
BioPerformance Fuel is inexpensive and effective. Increase gas mileage, reduce emissions and get more power. Gas savings and pollution are hot topics. Start saving on gasoline and diesel fuel today.
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