Update - PowerPlus MPG is apparently no longer available, and Dreamlife Products is now only selling a diet product called Power Gum. I have been selling PowerPlus MPG out of my remaining inventory, since I resigned as a distributor. And, that is pretty much depleted, so please don't place an order without emailing me first.




$5.00/gallon ?!?

Increasing M.P.G.

Is Like Getting Free Gas!

Gas is back up to $2.56/gallon in Paducah KY!

And, prices are undoubtedly going even higher with the current energy policies in Washington DC!

But, there is a solution!

An eye dropper full of PowerPlus MPG added to your tank when you fill up will improve your gas mileage,

give you more power and cut emissions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

"Official Fuel-Saving Test Vehicle"

Donnie's "Scientific Tests"

Think about it. A $19.95 bottle of PowerPlus MPG treats 120 gallons. One bottle of PowerPlus MPG saves me 25 gallons of gas in my own car Test Results, or $80.00 @ $4.00/gallon. You might save more or less than I do. Does it sound better to invest a bottle of PowerPlus MPG for $19.95, or put more profits in the oil companies' pockets by buying three to five (extra) 5-gallon cans of gas at $4.00/gallon? You be the judge.
















See how much money you might save in your own car Fuel Savings Calculator

How far would you drive to get 25 gallons of free gas?

How about walking to your mailbox?


I'll send you a a bottle of PowerPlus MPG for $18.50 plus $1.45 shipping, no tax

(or two for $35.50 plus $1.45 shipping).

It's easy to use. One bottle will treat 120 gallons of gasoline, and keep a lot of polution out of the atmosphere.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you aren't satisfied for ANY REASON, we'll promptly refund your money. You can't go wrong with a deal like that!


Use your credit card or PayPal by clicking one of the following buttons:

One bottle - $19.95

Incl. shipping, no tax


Two bottles - $36.95

Incl. shipping, no tax


Or, just Email Donnie with your name & address, and send a check to:


Demco Enterprises LLC

2260 Olivet Church Road

Paducah KY  42001

PowerPlus MPG is backed by a solid, ethical company with 13 years proven experience in increasing gas mileage.

PowerPlus MPG is backed by a money-back guarantee, independent third-party testing and $1,000,000 product liability insurance, in addition to being by a solid, ethical company.  

Give me a call - 270-450-2222 if you have any questions.

As you can tell from my own personal Scientific Tests, which I've now performed on seven different products, I think the ultimate test of any product is seeing the increased gas mileage and feeling the power in your own car.

If you have a teenager, please check out the Self-Help for Teens section of my website.

Email Donnie

Disclaimer: This material is displayed by an Independent Business Owner.  PowerPlus MPG does not endorse any and all materials as being approved or accept legal recourse on any unapproved material.