"The Real Me" !

All the tools a teenage needs to be happy, successful and fulfilled in life are covered in this series.

The Real Me

What's Scarier Than Dying?

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Donnie's thirty years of experience working with teenagers and studying the human mind has equipped him with common-sense answers to problems that plague teens in today's world. Once teens understand how they became who they are and why they feel confused, depressed and that their lives are out of control, it is amazing to see the changes possible in their lives. For help with depression, substance abuse, confusion, apathy, anger, low self-esteem and the many other common problems that teens experience, check out these self-help topics:

Donnie is also available for individual advice for teens via email. askdonnie@donniemckinney.com

Weight Loss Without Diets
Donnie's experience studying the human mind and what makes us who we are formed the basis of a new book he is writing with an outline to enable people to reprogram their own minds. It is actually possible to change from being a "fat guy" to being a "thin guy." The simple fact is diets don't work for most people. We simply revert to whoever we "see" ourselves being in our subconscious minds, or our own self-image. Learn more about this revolutionary process and the opportunity to participate in a pre-publication program to learn how to reprogram your own mind and become a "thin guy."