What Can I Expect to Earn on my IRA Real Estate Investment?


Real estate investments are like most other types of investment; i.e. there are a lot of factors that may affect your return on investment (ROI). We cannot guarantee a return on your real estate investment, but historical returns have been good, and in the current market your returns could be even better.

Who can get the best deals in a poor market? Cash is king - right now. You have cash. Commercial loans are difficult to obtain - right now. You don't need a loan. YOU are in the right place at the right time! We'll teach you how to take advantage of great deals to increase your retirement nest egg.

There are several paradoxes in the area of IRA investments in real estate:

1.  The highest returns (which you want) are available on investments with the highest risk (which you may not want). We've solved that problem. We will analyze properties for you to allow you to make informed decisions about how much risk you want to take in an investment.

2.  Returns are higher when you can leverage the investment; i.e. borrow part of the money and earn a higher return on your own money, but you cannot guarantee a loan in your IRA. That normally limits the amount you can borrow through a non-recourse loan. Not any more. We've even solved that problem for you. Through our program you can meet investors who will guarantee the loan and let you invest in their LLC.

3.  You want to own real estate when you are young, but you don't have enough money in your IRA until you're older. We've solved that problem for you. Through our program you can purchase part of an income-producing property with whatever funds you want to allocate.

Now, with a basic understanding of the variables that affect the earnings you can make with your IRA funds, let's get to some specifics about how much return you might expect on different types of investments. Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee any investments you may decide to make. The following examples are based on historical experience with similar investments, however.


Simple, safe investments; such as, a Dollar General store building with a company-backed 15-year triple-net lease might return 8-8.75% through monthly lease payments. The yield on NNN leased properties can be significantly higher when a loan is used to leverage the cash invested.

How could that work? As an illustration, let's assume you want to own part of a Dollar General and we are able to find an investor who guarantees the loan. You are earning 8.5% after the Property Manger's fees are paid. In addition, you're earning your share of the difference between the loan cost, say 6%, and the lease income of 8.5%, and at the same time, the NNN lease is paying off the loan to build equity in the property. You've just increased the yield on your IRA investment from 8.5% to maybe 15-17%.



More-complicated projects; such as, real estate developments, buying and repairing foreclosure properties for resale, may earn significantly higher returns, but the risk may be higher. With proper management, these types of investments could yield 25% or more return on your investment. So, think about what YOU want to own a part of. We've solved the problems for you. We analyze, you decide.



Have you always wanted to get into foreclosure, but didn't have the experience to do the work or the capital to invest? We've solved that problem for you, too. Maybe you will want to own part of an LLC that is buying, fixing up and selling (or renting) foreclosure properties. Let someone with the expertise do what they do, and share the returns by helping them fund the projects with your IRA funds. We don't sell stock, of course, but you may find someone you trust through our network of investors, and partner with them. It's a win-win situation for you and the expert.

Keep in mind that each project is different. We can't guarantee anything. We can only analyze and advise. You decide. The possibilities are endless.


The most important factor, once you understand investing your IRA money into real estate is to partner with the best firm in the business to analyze, select and manage properties to keep your funds safe.

That's us!

We're the problem solvers!

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