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Kim's Story

 By Donnie McKinney   c 2005

An interesting thing happened one day as I was walking from my office to the kitchen to get a Diet RC.   I walked behind one of my agents who was sitting at a computer in the hallway and talking on her cell  phone. All of a sudden, she let out a blood-curdling scream. I thought she’d been told on her cell phone that someone died or something, so I asked her if she was o.k.

She explained to me that she was jogging at the local park (not Central Park in NY, but the local park), and some guy came up behind her and hit her over the head with a stick of wood. His purpose was to rape her, apparently, but it didn't knock her completely out. She just saw black and red. Then, she screamed at the top of her lungs and ran from the park to find a place to call the police. Staying in shape after being a long-distance runner in college didn’t hurt anything.

For the week and a half since that happened, she had started wondering if she was crazy. Somewhere between one and five times a day she would lose it and do the screaming thing and panic. I didn't know it, but that had happened in an office meeting a few days before when someone accidentally touched her shoulder. She had screamed and run off, scaring everyone in the office. She had afraid to show property or anything for a week and a half since it happened, for fear she would have an attack while she was with her real estate prospects.

I told her that it probably sounded weird, but I actually had received some training in how to "fix" that kind of thing. I gave her the TIR website address to check it out, and told her to ask her counselor about it. She had been seeing a psychologist, but said she hadn't helped her all that much.

She said she wanted to try it, so we did a session two days later. That incident wasn't the root of the problem, as is often the case, and we worked back through several similar traumatic experiences going back as far as when she was 14 years old. It took a couple of hours. When we were finished, she said she felt drained, but she felt better.

Three days later, she called me as she was leaving for a trip to Europe that she had been afraid to go on. She said,  "I just wanted to tell you that I haven't had a single incident since our session. I feel normal again. It was like a miracle."

Two weeks later, after returning from her European vacation, she called to let me know that she had enjoyed her trip. Her teenage brother, who went with her, was relieved that she didn’t let out any blood-curdling screams while he was around. Teens are kind of funny about stuff like that.

(Used with permission)

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