"Guinea Pigs" Test Project

I just realized as I typed the title to this page that "guinea pigs" might be an unintended pun. No offense intended. We're all in the same boat  lol

I'm simply looking for some people who have been through the "diet" routine, lost weight and gained it back, maybe even decided it was pretty much hopeless, and are now ready to put forth the effort to make a permanent change. If you're successful, as I know you can be, and are willing to be a "before-and-after" example, then you could be in the published book. If you just want to change your body, and don't want to be an example, then that's o.k., too.

The other purpose for the "guinea pigs" is to test for clarity and ease of understanding what I write. I'm not a professional writer. I will be going through the exact same process that I will teach you. I want to make it as simple and usable as possible. We can discuss problem areas and improve the book's quality.

Personal Coaching

As payment for your input and testing, you will receive all the personal coaching and advice you want about how to apply the principles taught in the book and resolve any problems you are having in your personal effort. This benefit alone could make the difference in you becoming a different person, and me publishing a decent book.

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The Donnie McKinney school of "body changing" is in session!  Simply click on the link below to register and begin getting the links to each chapter as it is ready to study.

To save time, please copy the following "terms and agreement" and paste them into your email with a statement that you agree to abide by them:

Terms & Conditions:
I understand that Donnie McKinney's book, tentatively titled "Weight-Loss Without Diets" is an unpublished work. Though copyrighted, none of it's contents are to be shared with any other person. I agree to use the book chapters as provided to me for my personal use only, and if anyone I know desires to become a "guinea pig" in Donnie's project, I will refer them to his website to sign up under their own name. As "payment" for the privilege of being a part of this test program, I agree to keep Donnie informed of my progress, hard-to-understand areas and "challenges" as I go through the process of re-defining my body.

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