For many years, Teenoutreach.com provided a great vehicle for teens helping other teens, until a death in his family prevented it's webmaster from continuing that free service. Donnie wrote articles for a weekly ezine and counseled teens from all over the world through the website. When Teenoutreach.com was in operation, just typing "ask donnie" in Google and clicking on "I'm feeling lucky" took one directly to his page on the site out of 800,000 websites. That was pretty neat.

Donnie's intention when creating his own website was to put teenoutreach.com back online. However, he found a new site, Teenhelp.org, that accomplishes the same purpose. Teenhelp.org already has over 30,000 teen members and is doing a great job.

Teenhelp.org has forums for discussing every topic that affects a teenager's life; including, depression, suicide, eating and other disorders, self harm, cutting, rape, abuse, drugs, alcohol, death & grieving, bullying, religion, dating, relationships, sex, sexuality, current events, and even homework and family.

Teenhelp.org also has open chat rooms with counselors, journals, private messages and lots of other tools. It is well-done (by a teenager) and has rules for each individual forum. Crude and useless posts are removed and abusers can be banned from the site. It's a "safe" place to go and discuss anything you want with other teens.

Try it out for yourself!

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While you're here, check out some of the articles on Donnie's website with the links at the top of the page. You might find something you can use. Home

Donnie is also available to help teens with advice on any area of their lives.
Ask Donnie was a vital part of the Teenoutreach site that became unavailable when it had to be taken offline. You can email Donnie direct now.

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