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The Real Me
By Donnie McKinney  c 2005


In this online study you will learn everything you need to know to discover who you "really" are, and design your own life the way YOU want it to be. The simple fact is you can become whoever you want to become and achieve whatever you want to achieve with your life. The basic principles taught in this study have been successfully used by happy, successful and fulfilled people throughout history.

The vast majority of people never understand that who they "think" they are is mostly false. They live lives of "quiet desperation" according to William James, the father of modern psychology. Those who are truly happy and successful in life have discovered who they really are, not the person other people have made them "think" they are. It's your choice whether you miss out on the life you could have or live life to the fullest. This study series will teach you how to live live "abundantly" as God intended for you to do.


Getting started -

Here are some tips to make the best use of this study in your own life:

Study each section in order. That's the most effective way to put these prinicples to work in your own life. Each section builds on the previous one.

Answer the study questions.
At the end of each part of the study is a list of questions to ask yourself to start applying the principles to your own life. Don't skip over the them. Do the exercises!

Email Donnie for help. Any time you have a question about how an idea applies to specific areas of your own life, use this free email tool. Emailing Donnie with your own individual questions is a private and confidential tool you can use to get maximum benefit out of this study. Use it! 
Ask Donnie

Think about YOU as you study each section, and relate the discussion to YOU. You will learn to recognize a lot of thoughts patterns and habits that are holding you back. Once you recognize them you can start to change them. This is a process, not an instant fix. Don't get discouraged. Email Donnie when you are having difficulty getting rid of an unhealthy thought pattern. And, finally . . .

Don't give up. Keep in mind that you will be changing attitudes, habits and subconscious thought patterns that have been deeply imbedded in your mind over the years. Some of the old negative and unproductive thought processes will be simple and quick to replace with new ones. Some will be a lot harder. ALL of the thought processes and attitudes you picked up from other people can be replaced by new thought patterns and attitudes that reflect the "real you."

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." William James (1842-1910)