Investing Your IRA Funds in Real Estate


Investing IRA's in real estate has been allowable since the day the IRS code was first written, yet less that 1% of the $4 Trillion in IRAs and 401-Ks has been invested in this stable hi-yield area. Why? Lack of knowledge about how to do it, and the inability to do it safely and easily.

Our team has solved both of those problems for you. Now, you can set up a Self-Directed IRA safely, easily and economically, right from your own computer. We'll teach you everything you need to know.

If you haven't already joined, the first step is to join Commercial Real Estate Academy to learn everything you need to know about understanding, analyzing and eventually owning investment real estate.

Also, be sure to read all the links under the menu header before you do anything. Email or call us (270-450-2222) if you have any questions that aren't answered.

We don't do IRA's, but we we'll introduce you to someone who will help you at a reasonable cost. The total cost for setting up a Self-Directed IRA is only $50.00. You may also find, as I did, that their administrative fees are lower than what you're currently paying in your IRA.

Rolling your current IRA, 401-K or SEP into a Self-Directed IRA qualified to own real estate is easy and safe. Rolling over your IRA does not affect your current investments. All your current investments keep right on earning income for you, as they have been doing, but you can manage them more easily. Meanwhile, you decide how much you want to invest in real estate and find the properties you want to own. That's where we come into the picture.

Why do you need us? Actually, you don't, if you have enough funds in your IRA to buy the property you want. And, if you have the experience to analyze properties and leases, negotiate prices, and perform the due-diligence necessary to avoid a bad investment. We hope you will consider taking advantage of our twenty years of expertise doing all those things for our other clients, however. The best part is we will help you acquire a great investment,  and you don't even have to pay us! The sellers of the properties pay us.

What if I don't have enough funds to purchase the property I want?

That's where our program is unique. Through our program, we will introduce you to other investors who are looking for the same kind of property you are. We don't do legal work, either, but we have lawyers on our team who will set up an LLC for a reasonable fee, in which you can own as much or as little stock, in as many or as few properties as you want. We'll teach you how to do that, too. The types of investments you can make are only limited by your imagination.

The first step is to connect you with our Self-Directed IRA partner so you'll be ready to put your money wherever you want it. 

Then, you tell us what kind of real estate you like. The possibilities are unlimited. Click on their logo to see an application.

The next step is to select the investment(s) you want to put your IRA money into and simply direct your Self-Directed IRA to buy shares in the LLC(s) owning the property. You may want to start your own LLC and let others invest their funds with you. The possibilities are endless. We'll teach you how.

Through our program you no longer have to dream about owning real estate. You can invest whatever amount of money you want into any real estate investment you want to put it in. Get started today!

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