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If you're considering emailing Donnie for advice, or just using the Self-Help for Teens section on his website, you probably want to understand who he is and what he stands for. You can get a good picture of Donnie using the links below.

Donnie was born in Paducah KY, and has lived there all his life. A quick inquiry in will pull up several pages of links about him. Donnie built his own home in the woods, and has lived there since 1982.

A simple search for "donnie mckinney" on, or other search engines will turn up a number of hits. Donnie counseled teens from all over the world for several years over the internet through the  The Teenoutreach site has been down since 2004, due to some unfortunate events in the webmaster's life. However, when the site was up it was so well known that just typing “ask Donnie” in  and clicking on “I’m feeling lucky” took you directly to his page. That was pretty neat out of the eight BILLION pages Google was searching at that time.

Donnie owned two real estate companies for 19 years- Coldwell Banker Purchase Homes, 3908 Hinkleville Road, Paducah KY (residential) and Coldwell Banker Commercial McKinney & Associates (commercial), which he sold in 2010, but still works there – – More about Donnie's real estate activities at - Donnie's Real Estate Page

Donnie's "day job" is selling commercial-investment real estate and developing real estate projects. Donnie is a CCIM (Certified Commercial-Investment Member), and a couple of CCIM Magazine articles quoting him are at and

Coldwell Banker Commercial corporate put a neat ad in the Wall Street Journal announcing Donnie as a winner of the Circle of Distinction Award, awarded to the top 2% of commercial agents in the world.

The Paducah Rotary Club, which Donnie been a member of since 1980,

Donnie is past president of the local Toastmasters club, and is Advanced Communicator Bronze - Paducah Toastmasters

Donnie's church, Heartland Worship Center, – where he is a youth leader in the high school department. Our youth department - The Center

Misc. “stuff” including websites quoting Donnie's articles:

Donnie's "The Real Me" study is listed under "books worth reading" on


Donnie's "visualization" article featured on with close to 3,000 views.


You can also read what three teens he met online, who actually visited Donnie at his home, have to say -
Meeting Donnie

Some of the people you can easily ask about Donnie by email include:

Paducah Mayor, Bill Paxton,

State Senator, Bob Leeper,

State Senator - Brent Housman, Email Brent (office)

Heartland Worship Pastor, Nathan Joyce,

Youth Pastor, Glenn Ross,

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