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Weight Loss Without Diets


If you are checking in and wondering why I have not communicated with you, it is because I have not learned the art of back-up. My laptop crashed and I lost all the emails I was saving to get the project started. Please scroll down and email me again, so we can get going. Thanks.

Donnie is writing a book to help people who want to lose weight and change permanently from being overweight to being thin. None of the 10,000 or so diet books available address the fact that diets don't work. Most overweight people have tried every diet imaginable. They've lost tons of pounds. Then they revert back to their overweight condition.

The reason is simple. Each of us has, through input from other people, thought patterns, learned responses, and habits developed over the years, created our own self-image. That all-powerful self-image determines who we are in every area of our lives, including physical condition. Any "diet" is temporary as long as the self-image remains unchanged. Who we are is determined by our self-image. How we eat is determined by our self-image.

Read the Foreword to the book to see if this is something that "fits" you.

Foreword to Weight Loss Without Diets

Donnie will begin soon putting chapters of his book online for thosewho are interested in changing from being fat to being thin.

If you want to be a part of the "guinea pig" group who get to read the book online prior to publication and have the added benefit of personal counseling during the process from Donnie, go to

Guinea Pig Project

Note: The Guinea Pig Project is simply a way of creating success stories from a few people reading the book before it is actually published. There is no cost, and no one will ever be asked to buy anything.

With that said, I would be remiss if I did not share with you the great new product product that Dreamlife Products LLC, the parent company of PowerPlus MPG, has just introduced to the market.

Pangea is a great aid to anyone who wants to lose weight in conjunction with reprogramming his or her brain from being a fat guy to being a thin guy. It's an appetite suppressant and energy booster, in addition to providing a host of great antioxidents our bodies need on a daily basis. There really is no other product in the market like it.