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1.  The pivotal study that you can use to take charge of your own life to become happy, successful and fulfilled in life is The Real Me

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"Confidentiality is essential to open and honest discussion if positive results are desired. Even though I have no way of knowing who you are, or even where you live, I want you to know who I am and what I stand for. I have no hidden agenda. My only motivation is to help teenagers who either are depressed or have other problems in their lives that they want to fix, or just want to learn how to achieve great things in their lives. I want to see you become happy, successful and fulfilled in life."

There are numerous things you can check right from your computer: 
Who is Donnie?

Disclaimer: None of the ideas on this website are "new." The basic principles of life have never changed. Humans have simply "forgotten" them. From Aristotle and Marcus Aurelius in ancient times to Denis Waitley, Tony Robbins and Dr. Phil McGraw in our time, the principles have remained constant. The various ways the principles are worded is all that has changed. I have incorporated the best ideas from all the great writers into my own thinking. All direct quotes are hopefully credited, but if I have inadvertently "adopted" someone else's way of wording things as my own, I apologize. I sent Dr. Phil an email after reading his book, Self-Matters, telling him he owed me a yellow highlighter.  I wore one out marking great ideas in his book.