Self-Help for Teens


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An alphebetical Listiing of Articles with brief descriptions to help you choose the informatin that will help you "fix" whatever is "ailing" you, or to simply understand human beings better.

20 questions A questionaire that you can complete privately with complete openness and honesty. Then, go to the self-analysis page to determine the area in which you may need to learn some things that will improve your life. You can also email the completed questionaire to Donnie for more help, if you wish.

Anorexia A discussion of eating disorders, insight into the real causes and getting help.

Ask Donnie Donnie is available for personal counseling via email.

Attitude The magic word. Your attitude will either take you toward the things you want in life, or hold you back. Part ofThe Real Me Study series.

Baseball A great article by David Brooks illustrating the way your subconscious mind works.

Basis for change A step-by-step discussion about how you can change from whom you've become, totally by accident, into whom you want to be.

Check Me Out Web references you can easily click on to see for yourself who Donnie is. It's important to know to whom you're listening or emailing for help.

The Power of Choice Your greatest power. You can choose who you will become. You have a choice in everything in your life, except one. Learn what that important area is, and learn how to use your Power of Choice to change your life. Part ofThe Real Me Studyseries.

Human Conditioning What made you who you are? One of the least-understood areas of our existence. For a thorough understanding of what makes you "tick," don't miss this article. Part of The Real Me Study series.

Beating Depression Help in understanding what cause depression in teens, based on a real-life teenager's journey back to life. Includes actual chats (with his permission, of course), and insights into the depressed teen mind.

Gay Teens A lengthy discussion of the confusion many teens face regarding their sexuality.

Setting Goals A step-by-step method of setting and achieving huge goals in your life. The theories and practicalities of goal-setting. Includes a Goals Worksheet you can download and use to set goals in your life. Part ofThe Real Me Study series.

Humans and God Understanding our "humanness" and our relationship with God is an area of great confusion. Here's a place to "unconfuse" your thinking.

Meeting Donnie Stories of some teens from around the country who actually visited Donnie in his home. Complete with pics and comments. Seeing these teens, and hearing what they have to say, will help build a comfort level in seeking counseling by hearing from teens who have personally met Donnie.

Being Nonjudgmental One of the biggest problems with humans is our tendency to judge other people. Learn how and why your life will be better if you become nonjudgmental in your relationships with others.

Parents "nuf said? Confused teens all seem to have one common trait - the inability of one or both parents to adequately express love. Understanding that influence and dealing with it is often the first step in resolving teen angst.

Peak Performance Whether you're an aspiring athelete, musician or just a student, you will want to learn how to perform at your peak with these insights into the human mind.

Personal Relationship with God What exactly is a personal relationship with God? How can you develop a personal relationship with Him?

Public Speaking What do most people fear more than death? Speaking in front of other people. This fear (a conditioned response) holds people back in job advancement and many other areas of their lives. Learn how to overcome it and jumpstart your career.

The Real Me Study This series is the culmination of 30 years of study of the human mind and what makes us humans who we are. A series of eight articles, with study questions, covering every aspect of understanding why you are who you are now, and how to become the peson you want to be in the future.

Self Confidence What is self-confidence? How do you develop it?

Self Esteem A healthy self-esteem is the basis of all achievement in life. Learn what healthy self-esteem really is, why almost all teens suffer from damaged self-esteem and how to develop healthy self-esteem. Part of The Real Me study series.

Self Image Your own self-image is the determing factor in who you become in life, and your concept of who you are was developed totally by accident. Do you want to live your life by "accident"? Part of The Real Me Study series.

Stres Worries & Fears Stress is debilitating. Worry is useless. Fears destroy our lives. Learn how to eliminate stress from your life and stop worrying about things you cannot change.

Taking Responsibility for Your Life Every highly-successful individual has a common trait - they take responsibility for their own actions. Actual quotes (with their permission, of course) from teens are included in this discussion of learning to take responsibility for your own life.

Your Natural, Unique God-given Talents Your natural talents are the key to being happy, successful and fulfilled in life, yet most people never even know what their natural talents are. Learn how to start identifying your own unique,natural talents and putting them to work to make your life what you want it to be. Part ofThe Real Me Study series.

Three Basic Truths By learning how to apply the Three Basic Truths in your life, you will be able to cut to the core of any situation involving human beings.

Visualization A study of how your subconscious mind can be used to become the person you want to be in life. You will learn a critical part of achieving any goal, overcome habits and many other valuable skills. Part of The Real Me Study series.

Who is Donnie? Some insights into who Donnie really is. It's important to know who someone really is if you're going to trust him to teach you important life lessons.