who is donnie help for teenagers teen self help depression depressed teen advice confidential counseling teens

Who is Donnie?

who is donnie help for teenagers teen self help depression depressed teen advice confidential counseling teens
Donnie is just a guy who began studying human conditioning when he was 19 years old. He didn't even know what human conditioning was back then. But like a lot of other people, he just wanted to learn what it takes to be happy and successful in life. He read books, listened to tapes, studied highly-successful people and applied the principles he learned to his work.

When he was 30 years old, Donnie was asked to teach a high school class at his church. He quickly realized that no one was teaching teens what they needed to know to become happy, successful and fulfilled in life. So, he began preparing lessons around those principles. His students resonded, their parents were supportive and those lessons formed the basis of The Real Me study from which every teenager can benefit.

Thirty years of additional study, reading 30-50 books a year, counseling teens over the internet and being a youth leader interacting with teens personally is all incorporated into the Self-Help for Teens section of this website, a resource for teenagers who want to improve their lives.

When Donnie is writing new articles for the website or answering emails from teens, you'll likely find him sitting on his porch . . .

Looking out over the pond, or . . . .                
turned around looking over the pool.     

In addition to working with teens over the internet, several milliion dollars in commercial real estate have been sold from the same porch. Donnie says he has everything he needs - a pot of coffee, ceiling fan, wireless internet, telephone and a box of cigars - to do everything (except meet with customers) right from his porch "office."

Donnie is a convertible nut. He bought his first one when he was 19, a 1956 Custom-Built Packard Caribbean Convertible that was 9 years old when he got it.

It's worth 100 times what he paid for it then, but unfortunately, someone else owns it now. Donnie was just a dumb college student and sold it for $400.


Over the last 40 years, Donnie's owned eight different convertibles, and currently soaks up the sunshine in a Mustang GT Convertible.

It's about time for another change. Any suggestions?

That's Donnie's home in the background, and the famous porch "office" on the end.

Donnie has been married to his wife, Marcia, for 42 years.  They have two daughters who are grown and married. Yes, those are his cute grandkids faces in the top banner. Donnie & Marcia adopted a 17 1/2 year old son about four years ago. They quickly realized they were the oldest parents in the Heath High School baseball boosters meetings!

Donnie is in the commercial-investment real estate business and is president of five different companies. He was in the construction business until 1976 and built a lot of the buildings in Paducah KY over a twenty-year period.  Donnie's Real Estate Page

That's Donnie in a nutshell. If you want to check him out before communicating with him, and make sure he's a real person, there are lots of ways to do that right from your computer.

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