Meeting Ashley

By Donnie McKinney



Unlike Stephanie, who is the consumate writer and philosopher, Ashley hasn't written her own story for me, yet. I just asked her again. Ashley and I "met" online when she was fifteen years old. We went through a lot of things in her life together. Over the years, she miraculously survived her teen years and met her true love, Frankie. They were married and moved to, of all places, Kentucky. They were at one end of the state and I was at the other. She was 18 then, and recently celebrated her 21st birthday.

A couple of years ago, Ashley was pregnant with their first daughter (now they have two cute girls) and she and Frankie decided to drive across Kentucky and spend the weekend with us. It was unexpected, but it was a pleasant visit.

Ashley and Frankie just bought their first house and are enjoying the thrills and pains of homeowners. Frankie recently started a new job in a different city and they have been picking out paint colors and all the other things that go with a new home. They live in Indiana now. We still chat on MSN almost every day and remain good friends.

Ashley said it was o.k. to link to her personal website if you want to read about babies and houses and dirty clothes -

As soon as I can talk Ashley into writing her own story about our "real life" encounter, I'll substitute it for this far inferior effort of my own :)

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